Adoption Site for Raw Fed Pets

Adoption Site For Raw Fed Pets

Please Visit: Raw Fed Animals In Need “The Adoption Site”

This site is for posting “Raw Fed” pets in need of “ADOPTION” from all around the world!

Please feel free to post any pet that is fed a “Raw Natural Diet” – This should save you time placing any pet in need!

Raw Feeding Rescue Groups – I hope this helps in the long run for a quicker and healthier placement of all your pets!


1) Clear photo of pet

2) Name of pet

3) Specific Location of where the pet lives: Continent, Country, State / Province, and City

4) Name of “rescue group or rescuer/individual” – any raw fed pet needing a new home is WELCOMED here, being in an organization is not required for posting.

5) Specific breed, if not listed in the “rescue’s name”. There are “breed specific rescues”, which do help other breeds of pets in need.

6) Specific Contact: Please list the quickest way for reaching you. Email you most frequently use. Phone #’s with the best times to call you.

7) Extras – other information that should be discussed over the phone or in confidence between both parties.


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