50/25/25 Mix (Heart and Organ Soup) Printable Recipe

50/25/25 Mix (Heart and Organs Soup)

Many find the 1.5 meals of heart and 1.5 meals of organ (1/2 liver, 1/2 other organs) confusing. To simplify things, you can instead make a single heart and organ mix, which we have dubbed "50/25/25 Mix" aka Heart and Organ Soup.
Prep Time15 mins
Cuisine: Ferret
Servings: 64 oz


  • a good blender
  • small kitchen scale that weighs in oz and/or grams
  • meat cleaver, ulu, or other sharp cutting tool
  • cutting board
  • ice cube tray (for freezing soup)
  • human grade bone meal powder (preferred) or finely powdered egg shell


  • 2 lb raw heart meat
  • 1 lb raw liver
  • 1 lb other raw organs


  • Weigh out your heart and organs. It is helpful to chop the meat into small pieces first.
  • Blend all ingredients listed until you reach a consistent puree texture.
  • Pour soup into an ice cube tray and freeze.
  • Once frozen, store frozen soup cubes in a plastic bag or container.


Note: It is not necessary to add water to this soup recipe. The only time that water should be added is if you have a very stubborn or very sick ferret who requires a particularly thin soupie texture.
Note also that this "recipe" is for a large batch, which should last several weeks or more depending on the size of your business. For one ferret, or if you have limited freezer space, consider making 1/4 to 1/2 of a batch.