Balancing Frankenprey with Alternative Meals

Author: Celene Hoag

So I know many of you have been wondering how to balance the Frankenprey Diet with other alternative meal types… Well, wonder no longer! We have come up with a simple to use guide on balancing Frankenprey meals depending on how many meals per week you are feeding of alternatives.

Kota: age 7 when switched, now age 13
Photo Credit: Rosie Woodman

For the purpose of this article an “alternative meal” is any of the following:

  1. Whole Prey
  2. Complete / balanced raw soup (see our recipe in the files or the forum)
  3. Complete / balanced commercial frozen raw (containing bone, meat, organs & heart)
  4. Complete / balanced freeze dried raw (containing bone, meat, organs & heart)

*Organ meals should be half liver and half other secreting organ as per the Frankenprey Menu.  

**Assuming 2 meals a day as per the Frankenprey Menu.

NOTE: If you are only feeding a SINGLE protein type of alternative meal (only mice, only chicken commercial raw, only rabbit freeze dried raw, etc), do NOT go past 5 alternative meals in order to maintain the minimum of 3-4 protein types in their diet.
  • For half organ meals (because it’s awkward to feed just half a meal) I usually make a single meal of 50% heart and 50% organs.
  • As per the Frankenprey Menu, the number of bone in meals required for each ferret varies by individual dietary requirements. The general rule of thumb is soft / liquid poops => need more bone; hard poops => need less bone.
  • If you aren’t sure what is considered a bone-in meat or what is considered a secreting organ, refer to our original Frankenprey Menu with descriptions.