Converted Senior Ferret: Seven (7) year old Fe

Author: Phaedra (2013)

7yo Fe Photo Credit: Phaedra
7yo Fe Photo Credit: Phaedra

This is Fe. She is a 7 year old desexed Sable jill.

You can see she is missing a number of teeth up top, this is due to having adverse dental disease last year from a life of kibble, having been kibble fed for 6 & 1/2 years.

Her entire diet consists of the following:

  • Whole prey items – quail chicks, matured quails, day old roosters, matured mice, small rats, baby rabbits & baby cavies
  • Edible bone items – chicken necks, pieces of turkey neck, pieces of chicken carcasses.
  • Muscle meat items – chunks of beef & lambs hearts, chunks of roo & rabbit meat.

She also has a chunky organ/offal mince 2-3 times a week, which is made up of beef, lamb/mutton livers & kidneys, plus the organs of rabbits & kangaroos. I normally mix in minced beef, roo & mutton meat, plus chicken fat & lambs fat to it, plus an egg & some ground bone (chicken or rabbit).

7yo Fe Photo Credit: Phaedra

Her coat is much softer, it’s got more body to it (used to be thin & wire like), more lively & motivated to be a naughty fuzzy. Her all around health has improved. Plus she poo’s these neat little packages for me with almost no odour! Only smells a bit if she’s had organs. I give her a fish oil capsul most days too, just as a supplement, used to be daily, but I’ve cut back a bit to see how she goes. Just to add on, but I also got with Fe two other old ferrets, Tina & Joe, a brother & sister duo at the age of 5, now almost 6. They also had minor dental issues, mostly tartar & plaque build up, which is now removed due to eating bones. Tina has a damaged canine from cage biting, but they are both otherwise healthy ferrets. Joe has a back injury which does give him pain, but supplements & pain medications manage this, all mixed into his mince/ground meals daily.