New to Raw Feeding

We often hear from our “ferrents” who are new to raw that it’s “too hard to figure out”. This section of the site is designed to lead you by the hand to gain the skills necessary to successfully switch your ferret to raw.

We see certain questions repeated by ferret owners who are interested in switching their ferret(s) to a raw diet:

  1. Is my ferret too young? No. Even babies who have yet to open their eyes can handle a raw diet.
  2. I tried raw feeding once and my ferret wouldn’t eat it. Is my switch doomed? No. Ferrets learn what is “edible” early on in their lives. If they have not imprinted on a certain flavor by the time they outgrow that stage, the simply do not recognize it as food. In that case, you must take on the role of a wild mama and teach them that raw meat is safe to eat. This is done through repeated exposure to that protein.
  3. Does a raw diet have to be served raw? Um…Yes. Cooking destroys many of the nutrients.
  4. How do I fatten up my ferret? You don’t. If you feed an adequate amount of a BALANCED raw diet, your ferret will gain muscle automatically due to having quality protein that is usable by their body. Ferrets, like people, can have different body types. A fat ferret isn’t a healthy ferret. 
  5. Will my ferret eat raw if they’re hungry enough? PLEASE don’t try to starve your ferret into submission. They’re stubborn and not eating can cause weight loss, electrolyte imbalances and even organ failure. We can help you find ways to introduce new foods without causing them harm.
  6. Can I feed canned food? Well, you *can* (pun intended) but we don’t recommend it. Why? See #3. Canned food uses heat to process.
  7. How much does it cost to feed raw? Well, it depends. How good are you at finding sales and alternate sources for menu items? Are you willing to do much of the prep yourself? How close are you to an Asian market? Are you planning to feed lots of whole prey or freeze dried pet food? Will you be breeding whole prey foods yourself? Let’s just say that there’s a raw option for almost any budget.
  8. How much do I feed per day, how do I start feeding raw? Good questions…find out HERE