Standardized Sizing for Meat Slivers/Chunks

For those who are switching their ferrets to a raw diet. These are generally the guidelines we use for clarification.

Standardized sizes, textures, and consistencies for meat.


Thin puree: completely blended, thickness of a cream soup.

Photo Credit: Maša Vilar Stupica

Thick puree: less water added, still completely blended. Thickness of pudding.

Thick puree Photo Credit: Maša Vilar Stupica
Thick Puree Photo Credit: Linda Maretich

Minced soup: gradually switching from thick puree to a very wet ground meat by pureeing less and adding meat the consistency of ground.

Meat sizes:

Slivers: The size of your fingernail cresent. A bit larger than ground, but still very small.

Bit sized: tiny diced bits of meat approx. 1/8″ pieces

Small chunk: a bit larger, approx 1/4″ cubes/strips

Ares and Athena eating small chunks of raw muscle meat. Photo Credit: Linda Maretich

Medium chunk: 1/2″ cubes/strips

Large chunks: 1″ cubes/strips

Athena eating medium to large chunks. Photo credit: Linda Maretich
Large chunk with bones-in. Photo Credit: Linda Maretich

Increasing Size: 

As your ferrets get used to chewing larger and larger pieces, you can continue to increase the size of chunk that you offer, up to very large pieces and whole prey. The sky is the limit!

Ares investigates a bowl full of meat. Photo Credit: Linda Maretich

An alternate way to approach meat sizes:

Photo Credit: Celene Hoag