Ordering Deslorelin/Suprelorin in Canada

Ordering Deslorelin/Suprelorin in Canada


As many of you know our vets in Canada have been unable to order the DES / Supralorin implant from Virbac in the U.S. After some digging we determined that this is because Virbac now only sells through pharmaceutical distributors in the U.S. and no longer sells it directly from their website. This is a problem for those of us in Canada because of the difference in drug prices between Canada and the U.S. and the resulting laws pertaining to U.S. vs Canadian pharmaceutical distributors. At this time Virbac doesn’t seem to be interested in working with Health Canada or Canadian distributors (I could be wrong about that but that was the impression I got over the last few weeks of dealing with Virbac U.S.).

Due to some fantastic work by Lisa Miodragovic we (those of us in Canada) now have a source for our vets to order DES again. They still need the standard Emergency Release form that is needed when ordering from the U.S. but now they will be ordering from a pharmaceutical exporter out of Australia (where DES is manufactured) that has an export / import license with Canada (the company is called Provet). Unfortunately, since the implants will be coming from Australia, we may see a price increase passed onto us by our Vets since the shipping may be more coming from Australia (thankfully the Australia dollar is more in line with our dollar vs. U.S. so the actual price may be lower).

THIS DOCUMENT outlines the ordering process your vet will have to follow when ordering from Provet

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