One of the reasons for a holistic approach for your ferret is to keep them healthy. Not everything can be prevented, but a healthy balanced diet can delay many diseases or at least give your ferret a fighting chance with ample energy reserves. Even so, sometimes our fuzzy buddies feel under the weather.

Respiratory infections can be caught by ferrets, like poor Avery here, who was caught mid-sneeze. That’s why they’re often used as test subjects in labs! If your ferret catches a respiratory virus, it usually takes them longer to get over it than it does for us. You can support your ferret through his illness by making sure he stays well hydrated. Your ferret may benefit from additional moisture in the air, which can be provided by a cool mist humidifier, vaporizer (kept up out of reach from children or pets), or steamy bathroom with the shower running. Note: do not use eucalyptus, menthol, mint, or any additives or medications to the steam. Just the water vapor will provide some relief. You may also want to follow up with the vet for recommendations for support medications and dosages.

We found a great resource, provided by the Ferret Association of Connecticut that can help you determine what might be going on when your ferret is behaving strangely. Note this is NOT to be used in place of a consultation with your ferret’s Veterinarian. It is to help you determine what symptoms to look out for so you can give your vet a clear picture of what’s going on with your ferret.

Ferret Illness Symptom Chart

Please look through all of our health related pages to learn more about the most common illnesses and health conditions that may affect your ferrets.