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Diet Transition

  • Instructor: Shawnda McCollum
  • Lectures: 78
  • Quizzes: 11
  • Students: 42
  • Duration: 52 weeks

Welcome to the HFF Diet Transition Course!

If you are reading this, that means that you have already completed our entry exam reviewing the Switching Process. If you are feeling overwhelmed right now don’t worry! The switch takes time and patience and your team of Mentors will be by your side to help guide you on your path. This course is designed to help you work through the switch in stages while learning everything you need to know along the way. We have broken the information down into a series of lessons and quizzes which will teach you about the switching process, selecting meats, building and balancing a diet, monitoring your ferret’s weight and health, and more. It is our aim that by the time you graduate this course, you will feel adept at feeding your ferrets a well-balanced, well-varied raw diet, and know where to find all of the necessary resources to answer any questions that arise in the future.



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