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Why not physical punishments

By Sherry Stone

  • Physical punishments constitute scruffing, nose tapping/flicking, whisker pulling, hitting. NOT the scruffing used for restraining, medicating, grooming, vetting etc. There IS a difference and they know the difference.
  • Mother ferrets as a general rule only use a scruff to transport kits, not to punish them. Siblings scruff as a form of dominance.
  • Hands should only ever hold good things. Some ferrets become angry and biting will escalate.
  • Ferrets need to be scruffed for meds, grooming, vet visits etc, and you don’t want them to think they are now being punished.
  • Fear biters WILL act out aggressively when scruffed.
  • Noses have a ton of nerve endings, and it is very painful. To you it may seem a tap, but it can cause extreme pain. You can actually create a fear biter this way.
  • Whisker pulling is very painful and can create fear biters. You can accidently break the whiskers
  • There is no reason to hit an animal, ever. It has been documented that physical punishments are very detrimental to dogs and cats. Ferrets are no different.
  • Ferrets are highly intelligent individuals who can learn quickly, so why be violent with them? Training through fear isn’t nearly as effective as training through love and trust.
  • These methods defeat the positive aspect of having a pet, which involves love, trust, and compassion. Doing the above can and will break trust.