“No-Bite” Correction Hold

“No-Bite” Correction Hold

Author: Lindsey Tootle

  1. After a nip or bite, pick up the ferret and hold an arm’s length away from your face. When the ferret nips, hold their bottom in your right hand, and make a “C” shape with your left hand snuggly around the ferrets head.
  2. Say, “NO BITE” in a firm tone of voice. NO YELLING. Keep the ferret an arm’s length from your face.
  3. Then put the ferret down. WHENEVER there is a nip do this immediately!


I had to use this technique as my kit hissed at me and tried harder to bite me when she first arrived home as a 4 month old. THIS WORKED LIKE A CHARM. Now it felt like I was doing this every second! But it beat jumping up on a chair, sofa, anything to get away from the walking set of biting teeth! I achieved immediate results. I would say within two weeks I was not getting nipped or bitten (blood drawing rips/ tears) at all. I get playful nips/mouthing now. I know the distinct difference between play and naughty or bad biting. If Sophia forgets and bites or nips hard, I pick her up and put her in the “No Bite Hold” and set her down. She scampers away and all is good in ferret land once again!

You must be calm and in a good state of mind when you are correcting the ferret. When you hold an animal and correct them at the same time what you feel in your mind travels down your arms and into your hands. The ferrets sense exactly what state of mind you are in.  The ferret is not to be shaken, yelled at, or held tightly while in your hands. Defeats the entire purpose! You MUST hold the ferret at arm’s length away from your face so the ferret can SEE your entire face. As well, if you hold the ferret close to your face it is a threatening stance to the ferret and the ferret will not relax and focus on what you are saying/doing.


Look at the above photo carefully. See how relaxed Sophia’s legs are? They are down by her side, her body FEELS limp in my hands. She is not tense at all.