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This page will be to house ideas for all types of barriers, both DIY and purchased


Gates & Doorways

Tips to ferretproof your barriers

Joel Weiner set up a free roaming area within a much larger space in his home. Note the irrigation pipe at the top of the Marshall Farms playpen panels to keep ferrets contained – Photo by Joel Weiner

Ferrets are crafty creatures. To prevent escape, extra steps may be necessary above and beyond installation of your barrier:

  • Make sure the barrier goes all the way to the floor
  • Purchase a barrier that does not have cross bars, holes, or a grid that can be used to climb. If you DO use a barrier with these elements, climbing may be foiled by adding solid panels on the side where the ferrets will be. 
  • In addition to creating a smooth surface on the ferrety side of the barrier, you can add drainage pipe that has been sliced lengthwise over the top edge of the gate or playpen. Ferrets have a difficult time getting enough leverage to climb over the slippery, fat surface.
  • Do not put lightweight boxes or items that can be pushed to the barrier and used as a step (yes…it happens)