Adding a Friend, Doesn’t Fix It All

More than once we’ve seen people being given, “add a friend” or “he/she needs a friend”, as the advice to almost any and every ferret problem there is, whether it’s medical or not. This often happens when people haven’t taken the time to fully hear or inspect the issue or situation at hand before responding. […]

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Another Benefit of Raw Feeding

On our site and others that promote raw diets, you will often find a list of benefits such as increased hydration, no fillers, species appropriate, improved dental health from chewing bones, and decreased chances of or delayed onset of insulinoma. While all of these benefits are incredibly important, my own experience with my 4 year […]

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Safe Scents

Safe Scents for the Home It’s the time of year when those of us in the Northern Hemisphere start hunkering down for winter. We spend more time indoors and look for ways to cozy up the house as the temperatures drop outside. For many, that means burning candles, using wax melts, plug-ins, or diffusing essential […]

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