Ferret Supplies

A checklist of some essential supplies (in no particular order) that you should have before bringing your ferret home…. (more linked items can be found on our Marketplace page)

  • Emergency Kit
  • Cage and Bedding
  • Litter Box – the larger the better. Ferrets prefer to be able to fit their entire bodies in their litter box. The 28qt Sterilite bin fits perfectly in a ferret nation cage.
  • Litter
  • Food and Water Dishes
  • Ferret Toys
  • Foraging Toys
  • Feeding Den
  • Carrier for vet trips/traveling/emergencies – Airline Approved Carriers are recommended
  • Nail Clippers
  • Shower Curtain Rings
  • Harness and Lead
  • Playpen
  • Raw Feeding Supplies

* As with everything to do with ferrets, each animal has a different personality and set of capabilities and behaviors. Not every item is safe for every ferret, so use your best judgement as to the suitability of each item before introducing it to your pet’s environment. HFF cannot be held liable for things that happen as a result of using any of the items recommended on our site, forum, or facebook page.