Meet the Ferrets of HFF

Meet the Ferrets of HFF

Meet some of the many wonderful Ferrets of HFF!

Katt’s Business:

"Koda" 2011 Photo Credit: Katt

“Koda” 2011
Photo Credit: Katt


[Male, Sable, Real Canadian] Koda came home when he was about 8 weeks old in December 2009. I gave him raw the second he came home and he immediately ripped into it and started hissing to keep me away from his tasty prize! Neither of us has ever looked back. He is a notorious trouble maker and is well known around the forums as such. He was my first ferret and forced me to learn and learn FAST! He has Pica and eats anything he can get his teeth on. As a result he has had 2 emergency surgeries for blockages. He has IBD, which we struggled to get control of (and finally succeeded!) with diet. He was diagnosed with adrenal at 18 months and was treated first with Lupron, then Deslorelin which he currently gets every 6 months. At around 5-6 years old he was diagnosed with heart disease, which we have been able to control with medications. Despite all of his problems, he is strong and full of trouble. I have little doubt that he never would have survived this long, much less with so much spunk still, had he not been on a proper diet. But for all the trouble he caused, we have an incredible bond – Koda is my Heart and Soul Ferret. He follows us everywhere, sleeps near us, and gives kisses on request. <3

"Kenai" 2011 Photo Credit: Katt

“Kenai” 2011
Photo Credit: Katt


[Male, Silver/Black Roan Mitt, Marshalls] Kenai came home a year after Koda, towards the end of November 2010 when he was about 7-8 weeks old; I immediately put him on a raw diet. He was diagnosed with adrenal disease at 2 years old which was well controlled on the Deslorelin implant every 6 months. He loved toys that make noise, and the rice box, and was the most loveable, floppy, goofy little guy! He wasn’t a very fast learner and was much less physically adept at things – he always figured things out at his own pace, and his own way. Despite this however, he was an absolutely outstanding mouser – he lived for the hunt. He was the snuggliest, sweetest ferret and was loved by all who met him. In October 2016, the month of his 6th birthday, he suddenly became very ill and was found to be in complete renal failure; with heavy hearts we all said our goodbyes. A necropsy showed lymphoma in his liver and spleen – they hide illness so well. He will forever be a part of our hearts. <3

Machan’s Business:


“Beavis” Photo Credit: Machan

Beavis (like Amy) was adopted from Unwanted Fuzz Ferret Rescue in Victoria Australia. He was listed on a gumtree ad and was in terrible condition with a severe head tilt caused by a bad infestation of ear mites. He was skinny and had long overgrown nails. Before he was at the rescue, he was being fed ‘anything.’ While in the rescue’s care, He was vetted and received treatment for his ear mites and was brought back to a healthy weight. His head tilt also cleared up. Beavis has a cataract and an eye condition in his left eye, however these do not stop him from enjoying life. He’s the practical joker of my Business. He enjoys having some fun and will get sulky if he doesn’t get attention. He’s the handsome chubby chops mascot on my HFF Cards. Beavis loves any kind of food, but is not too fond of duck.

“Haru” Photo Credit: Machan

Haru & Yuuki:

Haru & Yuuki are the most affectionate and cuddliest ferrets. Haru, my little Sable girl, enjoys exploring and will sometimes engage in play. Compared to the others, Haru is more timid and dainty, but when she warms up to someone she can be quite a ball to be around. She will at times, get a little too rough but that is only ever if the human is rough with her. Haru has Juvenile

“Yuuki” Photo Credit: Machan

cataracts but it doesn’t stop her from doing what she wants.

Yuuki, my albino boy, is actually called “prince yuuki,” He acts like a royal — pain in the butt — Sometimes when it is time to go to bed, He throws a tantrum and goes into hiding. He likes to steal the bath plugs and race down the hall when ever he is caught doing something naughty. Yuuki is the youngest and cheekiest of my business.. Yuuki adores duck and pork, Haru prefers a large whole quail all to herself.

“Amy” Photo Credit: Machan

Amy is a small, petite little dark sable girl and enjoys stealing socks. Amy is a very people orientated ferret and will climb up onto anyone who opens the cage for playtime. She is very soft with who ever plays with her and doesn’t mind a snuggle. She has a sweet nature and everyone seems to be falling in love with her. Amy’s favourite food is whole rabbit.

Aftershock’s Business

(Male, Sable, Marshalls) Gator is my first ferret. My husband and I were actually only in the store to look at how much ferret stuff would cost, we looked at the glass cage the ferrets

Gator Photo Credit: Aftershock

were in, and there he was, slithering all over the other ferrets as if to say, ‘Hey! Look at me! Take me home and love me!’ We came back the next day after I convinced my husband that we should just get a ferret right then vs waiting. There he was, slithering all over the other ferrets again. We picked up each of the four in there to make sure we were making the right choice, and he won out. Gator is my best buddy, he is my heart and soul ferret hands down. He is such a sweet and gentle boy. He loves long socks dangled in front of him, blankets, shirts that smell like me, shoulder rubs, sleeping in the laundry basket, and laying on my feet when he wants something. He does not dook, but laughs instead, and I’m pretty sure he was a monkey in a past life! He stashes in the food bowl and his favorite meal is heart. <3


(Male, Silver, Marshalls- Deaf) Croc is most definitely my husbands boy. Don’t get me wrong, he loves me, but he ADORES my husband. He is deaf, and takes a while to learn things.

Croc Photo Credit: Aftershock

Croc Photo Credit: Aftershock

We brought him home a week after Gator and they are best friends (he was the only one in the cage that interacted with us through the glass. He basically asked to come home with us). I often find them cuddling together. Croc has been my training challenge. He would not use the litter box (he would rather dig it out of the corner, then poop next to it) and he nipped a ton (common with deaf ferrets), especially feet under blankets. It took trying many different things with him, and listening to him, to come to the understanding him and I have. I’m lucky to have such an understanding little boy that has been so patient with me. He is my softy. Croc loves to explore, tunnel under blankets, to be chased after, tickled, then lightly tossed on the bed, and running at you as fast as possible only to veer off in another direction. I’d have to say his favorite food is duck.

(Female, Blaze, Marshalls- Deaf) Oh Cow, we found this little girl in a pet store out of town. She was alone in a tall cage with no levels, and only a few pages of newspaper.

Cow Photo Credit: Aftershock

Cow Photo Credit: Aftershock

I found her sleeping under a page, she was just a tiny grey ball of fur. When I picked her up all she did was bite and scratch me, she did the same to my husband. He ended up suggesting we put her on the ground to see what she would do (proud wife moment), and lo and behold that tiny ball of bones and fur began to dance. She danced up to us and investigated our hands. Needless to say, we brought her home that day. She is my my stubborn, independent, energetic, food stealing (Seriously, it’s her favorite game) gorgeous little princess, and she knows it too! This girly LOVES tubes and goes absolutely crazy if you toss socks at her. She also loves sliding plastic easter eggs around, carrying them, and she has managed to figure out how to shoot them straight up in the air and catch them. She just likes food in general, and stashing it.